Arima Genomics, Inc. is a biotechnology company that aims to accelerate the understanding of genome sequence and structure.




GigaIO provides game-changing extreme connectivity solutions, enabling the flexibility for users to create exactly the system they need. The result is breathtaking performance and reduced total cost of ownership. With the innovative GigaIO Link Express™ architecture, data centers can scale up the performance of their systems, preserving their existing investment while adding the newest and latest capabilities.




MemComputing, Inc., a startup in the EvoNexus tech incubator, provides software-based coprocessors, focused on the machine learning and artificial intelligence market segments. MemComputing solutions are accessible via restful webservices on their SaaS platform along with custom software development kits.



WekaIO is the unmatched performance leader in massively scalable file storage for data intensive applications including AI and technical computing. WekaIO Matrix, our NVMe-native, resilient, POSIX compliant file system leverages commodity servers to deliver the highest bandwidth, lowest latency performance to any InfiniBand or Ethernet enabled GPU or CPU based cluster. Matrix software is ideal for deep learning, genomics, financial analytics and high performance computing.




–START Working with SDSC to provide high performance computing and storage resources in support of developing our next generation DNA sequencing technology has been an invaluable resource to an early stage company such as Arima Genomics. Having SDSC as a local resource is a unique benefit to the San Diego biotech community.– Sid Selvaraj, CEO, Arima Genomics—STO