Technology Forum

SDSC’s Technology Forum affords members access to SDSC researchers in an environment that shares the latest research, technology and education while fostering open discussion as a first step toward a funded research engagement at the Supporter or Partner level.  The Forum is a annual membership program offering:

    • Technology Round Table breakfast meetings led by SDSC research experts (quarterly)
    • Annual Research Review & Tech Expo
    • Focused training and workshop opportunities
    • Access to unpublished technology briefs authored by SDSC experts
    • Company and/or individual acknowledgement on the SDSC website

Beyond the Forum: Research Collaboration

IPP Supporter
Engage in deeper 12-month collaboration that support a feasibility study or medium-scale research project.  Industry members will partner with an SDSC researcher(s) to identify scope of project, determine process and schedule.  Annual effort is expected to be $100k+ and can be funded by a single or multiple companies.

IPP Partner
Engage in large-scale project during a 36-month collaboration working in partnership with SDSC experts, post-doctoral researchers, and graduate students.  Collaboration can be funded by a single company or in partnership with other companies and working with SDSC experts to support research.  Annual effort is expected to be $100k+ and can be funded by a single or multiple companies.

Advanced Technology Lab
SDSC maintains an Advanced Technology Lab where the latest computing and storage technology, hardware, and software can be evaluated, tested, and benchmarked in realistic scenarios. Companies may participate in the Advanced Technology Lab through in-kind (hardware/software) donations or loans, gifts or service agreements for evaluation projects, and/or joint collaborations with SDSC researchers.”

Engagement Process

When engaging with the university to collaborate on a research project or services the following agreements will be used.

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