Ilkay Altintas, Ph.D

Chief Data Science Officer – SDSC
Director – Workflows for Data Science (WorDS) Center of Excellence
Lecturer – Computer Science and Engineering, UCSD

Scientific workflows
Big Data applications
Distributed computing
Reproducible science
Kepler Scientific Workflow System

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Laura Carrington, Ph.D.

Director – Performance, Modeling, and Characterization Lab, SDSC
Principal Investigator – Institute for Sustained Performance, Energy, and Resilience (DoE)

HPC benchmarking, workload analysis
Application performance modeling
Energy-efficient computing
Analysis of future technology for HPC

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Sandeep Chandra, M.S.

Executive Director – Sherlock Cloud
Director – Health Cyberinfrastructure Division, SDSC

Compliance (NIST, FISMA, HIPAA)
Scientific Data Management
Cloud Computing
Systems Architecture & Infrastructure Management

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Amit Chourasia, M.S.

Senior Visualization Scientist – SDSC
Lead – Visualization Group
Principal Investigator – Stream Encode Explore and Disseminate My Experiments

Visualization and computer graphics
Ubiquitous Data Sharing Infrastructure

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Andreas Goetz, Ph.D.

Co-Director – CUDA Teaching Center
Co-Principal Investigator – Intel Parallel Computing Center

Quantum Chemistry
Molecular Dynamics
AMBER and ADF Developer
GPU Accelerated Computing

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Amarnath Gupta, Ph.D.

Director – the Advanced Query Processing Lab of SDSC
Co-Principal Investigator – Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF) project, Calit2

Scientific data modeling
Information integration and multimedia databases
Spatiotemporal data management

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Mai H. Nguyen, Ph.D.

Lead for Data Analytics – SDSC

Machine Learning
Big Data Analytics
Interdisciplinary Research

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Amit Majumdar, Ph.D.

Division Director – Data Enabled Scientific Computing, SDSC
Associate Professor – Department of Radiation Medicine and Applied Sciences, UCSD


Parallel algorithm development
Code profiling, tuning and optimization
Analysis of scientific applications on HPC architectures
Science Gateways

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Peter Rose, Ph.D.

DirectorStructural Bioinformatics Laboratory
Lead – Bioinformatics and Biomedical Applications, Data Science Office


Structural Bioinformatics
Structural Biology
Computational Biology
Computational Chemistry
Structure-based Drug Design
Distributed Computing
Big Data Analytics
Machine Learning
Scientific Software Development

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Robert Sinkovits, Ph.D.

Director – Scientific Computing Applications, SDSC

Data-intensive and high-performance computing
Software tuning and optimization
Structural biology
Bioinformatics, with an emphasis on immunology
Software development for scientific applications

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Mahidhar Tatineni, Ph.D.

User Support Group Lead – SDSC
Research Programmer Analyst – SDSC

Optimization and parallelization for HPC systems
Aerospace engineering

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Frank Würthwein, Ph.D.

Distributed High-Throughput Computing Lead – SDSC

High-capacity Data Cyberinfrastructure
High-energy Particle Physics

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Ilya Zaslavsky, Ph.D.

Director – Spatial Information Systems Laboratory, SDSC

Spatial and temporal data integration/analysis
Geographic information systems
Spatial management infrastructure

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