Ron Hawkins

Director of Industry Relations

Ron Hawkins is the director of industry relations at UC San Diego’s San Diego Supercomputer Center, where he is responsible for developing industry partnerships and research collaborations in high-performance computing. Hawkins is a technology industry veteran, having held VP-level management, engineering, and product development positions at companies such as SONY, SAIC, and Titan. His technology background and interests include high-performance and cloud computing, data-intensive systems, microelectronics, embedded and real-time systems, and systems engineering/integration.

Susan Rathbun

Project Manager, Industry Relations

As SDSC’s Programs Manager and a member of the Center’s External Relations group, Susan Rathbun is responsible for standardizing a wide range of training and education programs at both the industry relations level and in collaboration with academia and government. Rathbun, who joined SDSC in 2000, also manages a large number of conferences and related events each year at SDSC and other locations. She is involved from the concept and planning stages of a program all the way through to completion and follow-up. Her roles include fiscal management, marketing and content distribution, data base management, and customer relations.