SDSC’s Industry Partners Program provides a framework for companies to engage with SDSC researchers and take advantage of its advanced infrastructure for R&D of benefit to both science and commerce.




From its origins in 1985 as GA Technologies to its longstanding role as one of UC San Diego’s preeminent Organized Research Units, the San Diego Supercomputer Center has helped pioneer some of the most advanced research projects nationwide, benefiting science, society and commerce.  SDSC’s researchers and staff specialize in solving challenging scientific and technical problems, creating a vital connection between academia and industry to help drive today’s “innovation economy.”

SDSC’s expertise spans many domains

    • Advanced computing technology
    • Bioinformatics
    • Computer and data-enabled science
    • Cybersecurity
    • Data enabled science
    • Data management, mining, & analytics
    • Engineering
    • Geosciences
    • Health IT
    • High Performance Computing
    • Life sciences including genomics
    • Networking systems
    • Physics

SDSC Industry Partners Program

SDSC’s IPP serves an important function to companies that would like to further develop their expertise in specific parts of today’s diverse high-tech economy.  IPP offers multiple levels of engagement through the Technology Forum, Supporter/Partner level research collaborations, the Advanced Technology Lab, training, and other activities. The Technology Forum is an annual fee-based program that offers member companies access and interactions with SDSC researchers through round table conversations and other activities covering the latest technologies and research in high performance computing, data science, and related areas.  Joining IPP through the Technology Forum is an ideal way for both startup and established companies to stay abreast of new developments and opportunities.

Technology Forum Membership

Beginning in 2018, SDSC’s Industry Partners Program is offering a new series of activities that brings together SDSC researchers and companies in an environment fostering open discussion as a first step toward a funded research engagement at the Supporter or Partner level. Among other activities, forum members will meet regularly with experts sharing the latest research, technology, and education topics.

    • Round Table Breakfast Meetings led by SDSC Experts (quarterly)
    • Annual Research Review & Tech Expo
    • Focused training and workshop opportunities
    • Access to unpublished technology briefs authored by SDSC experts
    • Company and/or individual acknowledgement on the SDSC website

IPP Supporter

Engage in deeper 12-month collaboration that support a feasibility study or medium-scale research project.  Industry members will partner with an SDSC researcher(s) to identify scope of project, determine process and schedule.  Annual effort is expected to be $100k+ and can be funded by single or multiple companies.

IPP Partner

Engage in large-scale project during a 36-month collaboration working in partnership with SDSC experts, post-doctoral researchers, and graduate students.  Collaboration can be funded by a single company or in partnership with other companies working with SDSC experts to support research.  Annual effort is expected to be $100k+.